"There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in."-Chris Colfer

“That which makes you different is what makes you strong. Whether you're gay, straight, purple, orange, dinosaur; I don't care.” -Darren Criss

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Living in sunny Calif-orn-i-a, and hating it. >.< Reason being, I was born an east coaster (Mass.), and though the weather here is amazing, it's not the same as home. This blog is full of random epic-ness, feel free to check out my 'stuff' tab, and see some things that I like. Beware: It will have tons of fangirl-ness of my numerous fandoms. Harry Potter, Glee, Klaine (OTP! Klainebow!<3), Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Starkid, Joey Richter, Twilight, Disney, Broadway, Musicals, Music, Writing, LOL's, ETC! Basically everything that makes me the goofy SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot chick that I am. ;) Don't hesitate to send me any questions, I'll more than likely answer them. Or hell, if you just wanna stop by and say: "Redvines: what CAN'T they do?", that's fine and dandy too. :)

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November 11th, 1987


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